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RH Innovation Ltd are an IoT based company specializing in creating Agri-tech solutions to create better farming.

What we do differently

What we do differently

  • Soil moisture data at various depths simultaneously
  • Wireless communication
  • Real-time gathering system
  • Communication range: (0.5km – 0.7km)
  • Competitive prices
  • Niche Market

Our Objectives

Precise innovation tackling agricultural consumer demands:

Precise control over the root zone environment, in terms of both water and nutrient content, leads to healthier crops and higher yields.

Agricultural consumers come to RH Innovation with frustrations of uncertainty regarding nutrients available to crops, poor yield, overuse or underuse of water or fertilisers and are relying on the traditional method of farming. RH Innovation finds competitive and effective solutions to problems. These problems include measuring how much nutrients are available for roots to absorb, avoiding waste, obtaining better yield, and furthermore tracking nutrient absorption and plant growth.

Artificial Intelligence:

Our future solution is an Agritech Intelligence model (AgI) which acts as a consultant.

The idea of AgI is for the device to aid the consumer in their agricultural demands. With a wide range of products for a variety of problems, measured data will easily be transmitted to your phone or laptop.

Save consumers money and increase yield with minimal effort:

Our solution addresses our audience’s need. With wireless communication over a range of 0.5- 0.7km depending on surrounding obstacles sending the information to a computer or phone.

  • No consultant
  • No need for soil test in external labs – test results stay local to your phone/laptop
  • Accurate